Managing R script dependencies: automagic and renv

talks reproducibility

In this first session of the reproducibility series, we introduce two methods to deal with library dependencies: {automagic} and {renv}

Carlos Cámara-Menoyo

At the end of our previous presentation by Iain Emsley on code review we had an interesting discussion on the need for reproducibility. This talk introduces the concept of reproducibility and focuses on one of it’s many facets: that of managing R script’s dependencies.

In order to do so, two different methods will be presented, compared and discussed: the simple yet works-out-of-the-box {automagic} and the more complex, yet backed up by RStudio, {renv}

At the end of the session, points in common as well as limitations will be highlighted, hopefully leading to a discussion and opening the door for the second talk of the reproducibility series.